Benefits of Massage

Do you suffer from pain in your lower back Have you experienced anxiety, depression, exhaustion or migraines

Do you suffer from pain in your lower back? Have you experienced anxiety, depression, fatigue or headaches? Do you have muscle problems like cramps or spasm? If you experience any of these, you may want to try a stone massage.

Stone massage is one of the oldest types of medical therapy used on humans. It is known to have been utilized in an ancient civilization such as China, India, Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Stones during those times were used for health and safeguarding purposes as well as for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

The stones used for the massage

Vary according to the area it will be treating. For example, large stones are used to treat large areas of the body while the smaller stones are used for small spaces. The use of smooth and rough stones also has a purpose. The Smooth ones are used gliding massage while the raw ones are used correctly for awakening the body part which is simply because it warms up the tissue and at the same time can exfoliate the skin. Pointed stones are also used to treat specific areas of the body.

The color of the stones also has a purpose. The very dark ones can heat up faster and can hold heat longer. The gray ones are not so hot and can also cool down faster. The white stones are used for cold stone massage therapy. This means a rock massage can either be hot or cold. Which is the more beneficial?

The hot stone massage is a relaxing treatment that used heated stones of varying sizes which will be used to the different parts of the body. These hot stones give a deep massage and create a sensation of warmth and comfort. The heat generated from the stones gives a great feeling and is also therapeutic for it helps detoxify the body while it relaxes the nervous system.

The relaxation felt from the hot stone massage satisfy both physical and mental phase. It also reduces stress while it relieves the mental and physical fatigue. Blood circulation will also improve causing the increased blood supply which can help improve the body functions. It's detoxifying effects also quickly eliminate toxins and waste. Muscle and joint pains are also relieved while tension in the connective tissue is decreased.

The cold stone massage is a refreshing treatment that used cooled stones to address the needs the massage requirements of the body. It helps in refreshing the nervous system as well as stimulates the mind. It also eases tissue congestions and pacifies irritation. It also helps in cooling down the body during a warm day or when experiencing hot flushes.

Just like cars, our bodies also need a tune-up. Therefore regular massages can help ensure that both our body and mind remains in good condition. Thus it is best to have a regular massage for at least once or twice a month. Moreover, massage stones are stress busters that aside from helping to cure your ailments, it can also contribute to prevent diseases. This is because it has been studied that most of the diseases in the world are related to stress.

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